Holiday Club Themes

Cardboard Chaos day - BRAND NEW THEME

Let your imagine go wild.  Build, make and design out of Cardboard with our brand new theme.

Carboard Craft available throughout the day.

Be engulfed in Carboard with fun and games.

From small boxes to large boxes, tubes and much more to make whatever you want to.


Harry Potter day

A day full of the wonders of the wizzarding world!!!!

Come and join in the fun in the wizzrd world of our new Harry  Potter Theme with all the magic of Harry Potter and his friends, Hogwalts and Hagrid


Activities included:

. Harry Potter dressing up

. Harry Potter Board Games

. Harry Potter computer games

. Harry Potter top trumps

. Other Harry Potter craft activities going on throughout the day

. broomsticks .... and so much more to explore!!!!


Pirate, princess and den making.

A day full of swashbuckling fun.

We have princess dresses and jewels for anyone wishing to dress up, aswell as a chest full of pirate treasure to uncover.

let their imagination go wild with our large den building in and outside, what will it be today?


Activites included :

  • Princess dressing up
  • Pirate dressing up
  • Den making
  • Treasure hunt
  • Sword and wand making.
  • Pirate hats and tiara making
  • other princess and pirate craft activites going on throught the day.


Lights, camera, action!

This brilliant day has become a firm favourite with the children.

Your child will have the chance to play musical instruments, battle their friends on just dance, have their finger nails painted and if they wish to take part in 'sunshines got talent'

Activities included:

  • The nail bar
  • The hair salon - full of hair straightners, tongs, crimpers, all used by a member of sunshine staff.
  • Hair colouring station
  • Tattoo table
  • Just dance
  • Sing star
  • Musical instruments
  • Group dance along
  • Talent show
  • Make up table
  • All day Popstar craft

Circus day

Roll up, roll up, roll up and join the circus.

If your child would like to learn some magic tricks, make candy floss, spin some plates or become a clown this is the day for them.

Activities included:

  • Face painting
  • Candy floss making
  • Candy floss tasting
  • magic tricks
  • clown dressing up
  • plate spinning and other circus acts
  • sweet grabber machine
  • circus craft carried out through out the day
  • Balloon animals

Air day

This day will blow you away!

We provide the children with a large bouncy castle to bounce the day away.

(Adult supervised at all times)

Create bubbles of all sizes, see how high you can high a kite and if you still have some air left after all of that send a whizzing balloon into the sky.

Activities included:

  • Kite flying-weather permitting
  • bubble making
  • large bouncy castle
  • balloon whizzing
  • balloon modeling
  • kite making
  • craft available all day

Wet and wild

Be prepared to get wet!

Water slides, paddling pools and water soakers.

This is a day that happens no matter what the weather.

Please provide your children with two sets of clothes, a towel and shoes that you don't mind getting wet.

The children get very wet in the morning, everyone gets dry for lunch, then all back to getting wet.

Activities included:

  • Water whirlpool
  • 2 water slides
  • Large paddling pool
  • over 50 different water soakers
  • Revenge- Every child gets their chance to take revenge on a member of staff by soaking them!

Cupcake day

Lets bake a cake!

Every child has the opportunity to weigh out, mix up and bake their own cupcakes. Once all cooled down the real messy fun can begin, decorating their cupcakes using our wide range of toppings and sampling their handy work.

If you are lucky your children may even bring one home for you!

Activities included:

  • Cake making
  • Cupcake decorating
  • cupcake sewing
  • cupcake card making
  • cupcake playdough
  • cupcake play sets
  • menu making
  • A wide range of cupcake craft available all day
  • Cupcake tasting

Dinosaur day

Sign up to the newest dinosaur expedition in town.

Dig for dinosaurs, this is a day that children will love.

We have a brand new selection of dinosaur books and games.

Dig up the bones, put them together then they can use the books to find out what dinosaur they have uncovered.

Activities included:

  • Fossil making
  • Dinosaur digging
  • Bone collecting
  • Dinosaur puzzles
  • Dinosaur books for all ages
  • Big dinosaur play sets
  • Dinosaur games
  • Big models of dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur craft

Sports day

Ready, steady, go!

Reember to pack their running shoes.

The children have the opportunity to complete the assault course and take part in team races/games.

But the real highlight of the day is the staff vs children football match.

Activities included:

  • Assault course
  • Egg and spoon race
  • Sack race
  • Skipping race
  • Beanbag race
  • Up and under race
  • Dribbling race
  • Staff vs children football match
  • A wide range of sports equipment available
  • Sports themed craft, including medal making etc.

Quiz and games.


Points mean prizes, today is packed with games, games and more games.

Activities included

  • Hoopla
  • Hook a duck
  • Roll a ball
  • Ball target
  • Group game of Bingo
  • Children's Quiz
  • Pictionary

Cartoon character day

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its cartoon character day!

Your child can come dressed as their favourite character or can make their own costume while at Sunshine.

Every child will have the chance to create their own character and put them into their very own comic strip.

Activities included

  • Costume making
  • Create your own comic strip
  • design a super hero

Knights and damsels day

Will the knight save the damsel from the dragon or will the damsel scare the dragon aware with her magic wand!

Come dressed for the part or choose your outfit once at sunshine.

Walk back in time to Dragons, jousting knights and magic damsels.

Activities included

  • Jousting
  • Sword making
  • Wand making
  • Dressing up
  • Archery
  • Dragon slaying
  • A wide range of craft

Free play day

No theme involved

This is a day where you get to play all day through with no theme included.


Each site benefits from having a suitable outside space, with the choice of bikes, scooters, tennis, sand/water trays, skateboards and a wide range of ball games.

We have a number of different computer consoles and games to choose from and if thats not enough then we also have craft activities, pool tables, table tennis and endless equipment to choose from.


Bug day

Come and explore all the creepy crawleys.  Go on a bug hunt.  Learn all about different insects.


Bey Blades and Barbies day




  • Mega smoothie
  • Beyblades and Barbies
  • Party day
  • Senses
  • Hot Wheels and fashion design
  • Slumber and Lego
  • Under the Sea